Art of Being


I don’t know about you, but I have an inner critic I have to queiten when it comes to creativity.

See, I took up photography not so long ago. I have always wanted to be creative but I managed to convince myself at school  that I simply wasn’t good enough and that it would all be a waste of time at the expense of other academic subjects. Here I am, answering the call of my creative bones.

I found a post on photo focus titled “seven habits that make better photographers – no camera needed” which helped me see photography and creativity as a way of being rather than just doing. You have to be in order to do.

1. Laugh, relax and don’t take yourself too seriously. Be curious, happy, easy going and open. This opens up your heart which opens up your creativity.

2. Read. Reading fiction in particular helps you to visualize. Visualization exercises make for better photographers.

3. Believe you’re worthy of love, success, connection and empowerment. Self-esteem is a bigger part of successful photography than most people realize.

4. Stop, pay attention. Scrutinize your surroundings. Observe everything. Look at light, shape, form. Look at your world with a keen eye. See everything.

5. Be yourself. Don’t concentrate on being like someone else. Don’t try to be someone else. Don’t try to be what you think you SHOULD be. Just be. That authenticity is what will set your photos apart from everyone else’s photos.

6. Connect, network and spend time with other photographers. It doesn’t matter whether you shoot together. Just spend time together. Cultivate that relationship. Friendships often breed creativity.

7. Give back. Be generous. Share your talents, time, wisdom, money, heart with those who are in need. This giving may or may not be related to photography. It doesn’t matter. It will tune your inner self to be more empathetic which in turn will make you a better photographer.

These habits reminded me of a book I read called “The Art of Being and Becoming” by Hazrat Inayat Khan. It talked about the importance of acquiring a useful personality to help fulfil ones purpose in life, by learning how to express and manage the self in thought, speech and actions in order to become art itself.

The art of being and becoming nicely meets the seven habits of photography on one page. Photography helps me see the world, which then helps me to see myself. I hope to keep developing into something beautiful.




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