Meaningful Life


My ultimate vision.  Painted by Rahima Begum @ Shroomantics

I was told recently that “a life without a vision is like a journey without a destination.” To me that sounds like a fruitless pursuit of watching time pass whilst being deluded into thinking we are living, when we are just merely chasing an existence.

When looking back on your life – what would you be happy to see in your book of deeds? This question is the basis of my timeless vision that will, hopefully, guide me to lead a meaningful life.

A timeless vision is one that is not time bound. It is independent of time and is true for all time. However life is not a sprint it is a marathon. Therefore the journey needs to be broken down into time bound parts of 50 years, then 25, 10, 5 and 1 year so we can use these as markers and strategically manage our time to meet our ultimate vision.

My ultimate vision is influenced by my faith.

My thoughts, words, actions, habits and character are key ingredients of my day to day. Plan each day so your thoughts, words, actions, habits and character take you towards your ultimate vision. This is where I am hoping my bullet journal will come in handy here, because I need to ensure each month, week and day of the year is meaningful and working for my timeless vision and not just a one time resolution.

Lets do this.


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