I have been in many a situation where, whoever I spoke to had an opinion, It pulled me in different directions. They made a judgment based on their thoughts, feelings and experience, which was all transitory. This means that they wouldn’t give the same judgement twice but I would have to live with the consequences.  Friends are great, they hold you accountable, guide you and support you, but they can sometimes help you sabotage a moment through your indecisiveness and their lack of true insight. They’re aren’t you and sometimes they don’t have your interests at heart.

There is an urgent need to trust oneself so one can make  decisions without fear of judgement and ridicule. Be careful with who you share your stories with, discern what voices to listen to and make sure yours is the loudest voice. Stay rooted in trusting your own instincts and not be swayed by the instincts of others.


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