‘I’m not in love with you anymore…’

How does love disappear?

When God talks about love in the Quran, He chose the word Mawwadah, a type of love where two people, man and wife, wish good for the other and not Mahabba, which is the temporary ‘in-love’ stage, fuelled by lust, found in abundance during the early stages of a relationship. This experience is supported by married women, older and wiser, who tell me men tend to stay ‘in-love’ between 6-18 months after which feelings change to caring behaviour. After a period of time  Mahabba, the fascination or ‘in love’ changes to Mawwadah, affection and compassion.

Love then doesn’t disappear, it just changes. However when people view love as the same as lust, a butterfly you catch.

We forget the amazing truth that we are love. It can’t fade and no one can take love away from us.

God made us with Mawwadah and He knows man when he chose His words.

Be love and not just be ‘in-love’.



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